Intentional model thoughts and how to keep them present in your mind – if indeed you should?

Hi Brooke, something has finally clicked with me and the model i.e. i’m now aware that I wasn’t really allowing myself to tap into my thoughts but now i’m actually doing the model work, just as you said, it is getting easier and I can work through my intentional models quite well. My question is about the new thought in the intentional model i.e. the thought I’m choosing to think to achieve the desired outcome. In particular, the outcome and result of sticking to my protocol and not buffering with food. So, the answer clearly is to do the model every time I feel like buffering with food. However, because it is still early days, that nasty little thought (s) from my unintentional model sometimes sneak up on me so i’m any tips for using my intentional model thoughts to identify and slam down that nasty thought sooner? I noticed you suggested to one person on here to put the intentional model thoughts in their phone as a reminder and look at them during the day. I guess that is the sort of thing I’m thinking. Should I use the intentional model thoughts and keep coming back to them even when i’m not feeling a particular urge or desire to buffer? Just to keep my conscious mind focused and ready for that ‘nasty’ feeling when it arises? By nasty i just mean unintentional by the way. I think used used nasty in one of the videos and it made me smile 🙂 I’m already thinking of food as my C and being very neutral in my life but not quite there yet. I am amazed and shocked at how often my brain thinks ‘lets get food’. Almost for every thought I have (though getting better). If anything though, because it is so often (and I clearly wasn’t consciously paying attention before) it is more amusing to me to now be the observer of that and think how strange? How curious? Why do I think food would help me now? My regular thought to replace it is ‘I know that food is never the answer so lets sit with this a while’. It really works. So, sorry for the ramble. Back to the question. How can I keep this present in my mind without feeling pre-occupied with thoughts of food all the time when i’m trying to achieve the opposite i.e. freeing myself up from thoughts of food? One thing that is working is that I go back to your saying of ignore the drama and focus on the math – i’ve got my protocol and sticking to it no matter what. But in doing this I don’t want to avoid tapping into the thoughts causing the desire and using resistance rather than the model work. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, this stuff truly is life changing! Julie