Intentional model vs feeling your feelings, continue

This is my question and your answer from yesterday. What I do not understand is why would I need an intentional model if I am able to allow, accept and make piece with my feelings?
Intentional model vs feeling your feelings
I am a relatively new scholar (started in April). I watched the recording “Feelings” and “Buffering” calls from last week. My question is when do you use intentional model to change your thought so you can change your feelings vs when do you allow yourself to feel the feelings?
Thanks for all you help!

Once a feeling is present, you always need to allow it. The only four options you have once a feeling is there is to avoid, resist, react or allow. Allowing the feeling lets the feeling pass through you.

After you allow the feeling to be there, you’ll know if you are ready to move to an intentional model if you clearly see that it is your thought that is creating the feeling not the circumstance.

If you understand this but only on an intellectual level, you won’t be ready for a new thought. You’ll have to give yourself more time to create awareness of where the feeling is coming from. Only when you are fully aware can a new thought create a new feeling.