Intentional New Thought: Need some examples of new thoughts

I have been spending a lot of time in my unintentional model to really understand my thinking and what it is creating. Now I need support on possible new thoughts to help me work on moving into a different result. In my past, I always over-worked. If I was 40 hours a week I would be working 50-60 hours a week. I intentionally took a job to create more time with my family……but I brought the old thinking with me. I have this “need to feel needed” so I create this current model:

C: Contracted to work 20hrs/week, last 2 weeks working 40hrs/week
T: I am needed
F: overcompensating
A: overwork, overthink about work, overdeliver on all my work tasks, underdeliver on caring for myself and family, hyper focused on work and underfocused on myself and family
R: Unbalanced life and not caring for me or my family

Intentional Model:
C: Work 20-40hours
F: calm
A: work the number of hours i want, spend time on me and my family, create special time for myself and my family, be deliberate on my hours that I want to work
R: balanced life