Interactions with strangers

Hi. I have been feeling a lot of deprivation and missing out on connections. So one thing that I really enjoy doing is having random interactions with strangers. I did some models around this.

This is the main model that drives my desire for this:

C: people
T: you can never tell what could come out of experiences I could have by interacting randomly with someone
F: excited
A: interact
R: depends, it is a surprise every time.

Of course, the action of interacting with people requires (at least to me) some significant emotional effort which I need to be willing to pay in order to access the possibility of something fun happening on the other side.

All of these thoughts have worked nicely but also have generated other models like:

C: did not interact
T: if I had the courage to do it, I could have potentially found something exciting there
F: missing out
A: regret, beat me up
R: The next opportunity is more loaded with emotions

This is actually the model I am living right now:

C: Walking outside, had the plan to be back home around 8 pm, almost there. I have people around me
T: I could interact with them, it would possibly be a fun addition to my day but I told myself I wanted to be back by 8.
F: conflicted
A: decide not to interact, chose to go home while still thinking about the people I just left behind me
R: My brain is telling me different things like: “you didn’t have a strict schedule anyway. You chose to be strict in this context just as an excuse to avoid that discomfort of interacting with someone you don’t know, but deeply you know that the desire for interactions is a true desire of yours that is much more important than for you than the desire of not being 5 mins late. You don’t want to find excuses to use against your true desires”

This chain of thoughts is creating a feeling of disappointment which for the moment I am experiencing in my body. Any intentional thoughts you would suggest me to try next time I find myself in a similar situation Thanks!