Interactions with strangers

Related to my mission objective, today’s model is on personal connections. My brain often believes I do not have enough connections, and if I had more friends and contacts around me here my life would be just more—more expanded, more fun, etc.
One way I’d like to establish new connections is by random interactions with strangers. I think this is a genuinely nice skill to have, however at the same time it comes with some garbage like “If I don’t do this it means I am not courageous enough”.  Sometimes I just walk around the street and this is the pattern of thoughts and feelings I tend to experience:

C: crossing people in the street

T: They look interesting –> curious
T: It would be fun to be connected with them –> desire
T: There is better than here –> scarcity
T: If I don’t act I am going to miss this –> hurry
T: I am missing this opportunity. –> missing out
T: I did not have the courage and determination to do it and now its gone –> frustration
T: I don’t want to feel like that because I caused it –> resistance
T: I have to overcome frustration quickly–> hurry
T I have to prove to myself I can do this, with the next interesting people I see around –> compelled

A: search to replace the opportunity I have lost from a scarcity mode
R: Mind is clogged by this internal chatter.

Either I wander around chasing the “right” people which are never “right enough”.  The new interaction I have is forced and does not lead to the desired outcome.
Here is how I want to coach myself on these random interactions:
– Why do it? It can be fun and I can have surprises from it
– What emotional place do I want to be in to create these interactions in a healthy way?
Emotions to create on purpose: