Interesting metaphor for changing our thoughts

Hi Brooke,

I was listening to a podcast from Dave Asprey (The Bulletproof Coffee guy) and he was talking about habits and how we stick with them when we want to just go on autopilot. He said a few things that so resonated with me and can totally apply to the work we do here. Plus, metaphors always work better for me. Like the kid trying to learn to ride an unicycle.

First, he said that when we are stressed or tired, we go back to our default. This is obvious but I’ve never really thought of it so simply. So that’s why the planning and pre-decision making is so important for making this tough work, not so tough. Gives us freedom, like you always say.

Second, he said imagine taking a puppy out for a walk who doesn’t know what or why he is on a leash being pulled along. He digs his paws in and doesn’t want to move. He doesn’t know the expectations and if he does, he’s just not having it. This is our brain trying to create a new thought or belief or change a habit that we’ve never thought or done before. We dig in our heels because it’s hard and we don’t know how to do it.

Now imagine a trained dog walking next to you on a leash. He is confident, calm, and knows what’s expected with no reason to question it. It’s almost as if it’s second nature and there’s never been a problem. This is our brain with new, developed thoughts that have been practiced and practiced over and over and have become what we now think and say and do.

I loved it. Thanks for changing our lives with your work!