Intermittent Fast and Office Lunch hour/Weekend Lunch

I am not sure what to do now. I typically have lunch on my own but next week I have 3 lunch meetings! UGH – I just started doing Intermittent Fasting and it’s been amazing. I would hate to change up my plan for the initial 2 weeks. My thoughts are that I don’t want my coworkers or new director know what I am doing. I am also eating at 2:00 when often, I get scheduled for meetings. I am feeling like the world is going against me. (Ok now I am laughing at myself too)

Following up on my previous question. I had decided to do intermittent fasting during the week and not on the weekend because, I wanted to be able to eat with friends on their time when (or if) I am with them. Now as I write all this (funny how next week, all of a sudden I get 3 lunch meeting) I am thinking that I will look odd not eating at lunch with friends. I feel different, like a freak. If I were to change my thoughts I would say to myself, I get to be myself, and my friends and colleagues get to be themselves. I don’t have to eat to be present.

Wow – I guess that is self-coaching in the moment. But I value your insight, any input is absolutely welcomed.

Thanks Brooke for all that you do.