Intermittent fasting

Hi Brooke,
I really want to do a 24 hour fast as I am convinced of the health benefits (and am trying to lose weight). Just looking for some additional intentional thoughts for the second model….

C: doing a 24 hour fast
TH: This is too hard; it doesn’t make sense to not eat; i’m too tired I should try this a different day; I wont be successful for restricting 24 hrs
A: give in before 24 hours
R: not have done 24 hr fast

C: 24 hour fast
TH: the hunger will go away; this has so many health benefits; i am dining in; i can do anything for 24 hours; i deserve to see how my body can feel
A: stick with water only
R: improved health

Any other thought suggestions are appreciated as i know “resisting” will make it even harder to be successful and want my thoughts to provide motivation vs resistance.