Intermittent Fasting

I currently eat lunch at 3, and dinner at 7. Sometimes when I get to 3:00 I’m just not hungry. Wondering if I should eat anyway even though I’m basically choking it down at that point because I’m just not hungry or if it’s ok if I push it off for an hour or so even though I journaled/planned that I would eat at 3? I know Brooke says it’s important to write down exactly what I’m eating and when and do exactly that to build trust with myself, but sometimes I feel like I’m overeating even when I already have a 4-hour eating window.

I have thought about decreasing my portion sizes, or just eating one meal per day (dinner).

My current protocol is lunch @ 3: salad with protein (protein = either a hard boiled egg, or a few spoonfuls of full fat cottage cheese, or cut up deli turkey, or cut up grilled chicken), and veggies (usually a combination of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, spinach) with ranch dressing and about 1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner @ 7: protein (usually something like a half a chicken breast, or a filet mignon, or half a pork steak, or a slice of meatloaf etc), with veggies (usually something like a roasted vegetable in the oven covered in butter) and if I don’t do a roasted veggie I usually just do a salad just like the one above just with no protein).