Intermittent Fasting and Food Choices

Hi Coach, I have been intermittent fasting for about 2 years and have lost about 20 pounds from my highest weight. I would be happy to lose another 10-15 lbs to get me to where I have felt my best. My problem is that even though I keep committing and recommitting to eating healthier in my window (4 pm – 8 pm), I end up opening my window with potato chips and nuts, cheese, pepperoni, and other salty snack foods (I am able to limit my sugar but not the salt…). I am not gaining weight but I am also not losing any and know I need to clean up my eating. I know what to do, I make plans, I don’t keep my plans. When I first started eating this way it was harder but I was making better food choices. Intermittent fasting has become really easy for me but I feel so much resistance to giving up the junk. When I eat poorly, I notice that I am thinking it is ok because I am not gaining weight. Any tips on how to get back on track? Thanks!