Intermittent Fasting. Exercise And Last 10 Pounds

Hi! When i started my weight loss journey my goal was 135lbs. I reached it by doing intermittent fasting 16/8. Once i reached that goal i started exercising (weights, cardio, HIT, etc). Once i started exercising, i added a meal and broadened my eating window. I exercise at 5am, and usually have breakfast by 7:30-8am, then lunch around noon then dinner around 6. On the days I don’t exercise i still do IF 16/8. I have continued to loose weight. Now i am 127lbs. I feel overall amazing. My issue is that now I have a new goal…i would like to go down to 115-120lbs. Should i stop having breakfast on the days I am exercising or should i keep doing what i am doing? I know you will respond that the way to find out is to try lol but i would love an input 🙂