Intermittent fasting for binge eaters

Hi Brooke,

I recently heard on a fellow life coach’s podcast that she does not recommend intermittent fasting for people with a history of binge eating. However, your teachings would suggest the opposite. I have a history of emotional eating/binge eating and have been intermittent fasting successfully with a 35 lb. weight loss for over a year now, but the binges have come back sporadically over the last 4-5 weeks. They always occur during my eating window (between my 12pm lunch of a small salad and protein and 7pm dinner of protein and veggies) and sometimes even involve on-protocol food. I feel like they are my way of “gaming the system” by still following intermittent fasting rules and the protocol. I know it is not right, but I allow the urge anyway because the food kind of follows the rules and I feel so hungry. Hearing the thought that “intermittent fasting isn’t recommended for binge eaters” put some doubt into my mind about this way of eating working for me in the long run and I feel discouraged. I just binged this afternoon (off-protocol food with flour and sugar) and feel terrible.

I was wondering what you think about this? Should I stop fasting? Or should I just eat more protein for lunch to help with the hunger between my meals? Is it possible that I am no longer fat adapted because of these binges, which is why I feel so hungry again?