Intermittent Fasting while Hiking

Hey Brooke,
I’m planning to take 5-6 weeks to hike the Colorado Trail this summer. I will be hiking for 8-10 hrs per day over mountains and rough terrain and burning up lots of energy. I’d love to continue IF and a healthy diet, but I will be packing in dehydrated meals which means fewer fresh veggies and limited food options on a regular basis. I’ve tried to Google various combinations of “fasting”, “keto” and “paleo”, but can’t seem to find much advice other than OMG you will DIE if you try to IF on the trail.

Can you point me in the direction of any other resources? Are there ways I could start thinking about this situation? The thru-hiking community preaches about eating all the carbs all the time. I followed that advice on my last two long hikes and felt like crap. I’d love to do it differently this time!

Thanks for your help! Lynn