Intermittent Fasting – longer fast and goal weight

I am doing well with intermittent fasting, but I notice that my weight does not come off steadily, for example 3-5 pounds then nothing for a few weeks. I have lost 25 since February (is that too slow, I realize that is a thought that I am managing, just seeking your guidance). I don’t know if it is a plateau or my body is adjusting to the food protocol.

I am considering doing a 24 hour fast and eat once a day. Do you have more information on IF – I recall you mentioning that you will be doing a 24 or 48 hour fast, is that correct? I have 30 pounds to lose. I am 5-5 and 165. I also notice that you are giving other people a goal of 125 with my measurements. Should I shoot for 125 too?