Intermittent Fasting & No Sugar/Flour

Hi Brooke,
Before I jump into my question, I just want to say that I have daily mind blowing moments while listening to your podcast and participating in SCS. You really are a breath of fresh air.

I am almost through the Stop Overeating Course and would like to do the IF as well as the no sugar or flour protocol. I did some additional reading on IF and read that if you typically eat a lot of processed foods, it isn’t recommended to do IF before you clean up your diet. I am currently following Weight Watchers and also counting calories and have over 100 lbs to lose. My diet isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be but I do eat processed foods daily. So, is it recommended that I do the no sugar/flour before beginning the IF or should I just blow my own damn mind and do it all at once? My tendency is to ease in but I know that’s not the point and I need to get uncomfortable. I also know that the IF part will be way easier for me than the sugar/flour part. But if doing them both at once is going to get me fat adapted faster then I’m all in (I think – Still getting used to this idea and I’m sure I will need coaching on my thoughts once I don’t have food to cover them up). Thanks!