Intermittent Fasting Questions

Hi Brooke-
I recently committed (hardcore!) to the IF program and have been having good results on the scale- I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and have another 15 to go. My first question is about the true sensation of hunger. I am feeling VERY hungry between my 1pm meal and my 6pm meal. I’ve done the work and I”m sure it’s legitimate hunger. I haven’t given in to it- but it feels very counter-intuitive. In the past, I’ve done your “If I’m So Smart” book and I’m used to eating on the hunger scale. There’s also something about sitting in hunger for two hours (though it certainly does ebb and flow) that feels like I’m not honoring my body and brings me to a diet mentality. I know that I’m not fat adapted yet- but I’m concerned that 6 weeks of daily hunger will put me out of touch with my body instead of in touch with it. Thoughts on that?

My second question is about the weight loss- after losing the first 10 pounds, I would expect my body to feel differently in my clothes- but everything seems to be fitting the same. With this approach, should we expect to lose a good deal of muscle? Does that happen before we’re fat adapted?

Bottom line- I absolutely believe I will lose the weight. No question. I’m all in.

Thanks for the program!!