Internal feedback only.

Just had to say, the latest class, Your Thoughts About You with Lisa was INCREDIBLE, OUTSTANDING and AMAZING. It finally drove home the ideas of dis-identifying from my thoughts. I LOVED how she gave so many examples of new thoughts to replace the old ones. This is something I’ve been struggling with in my models. I think I was striving to create “affirmations” instead of real, believable thoughts and I was looking for the “perfect” thought to replace them with. I hope SCS continues to provide classes like these which really help my mind open up to new ideas for thoughts. I also realize I can work on a new model that I have access to infinite thoughts. But just as we are starting out and learning this practice of our minds, and learning that our observations and assumptions are thoughts, classes like this can be *****SO***** helpful! I could use more of this kind of learning as I’m learning to understand my own mind. THANK YOU.