Interview – didn’t get the job update

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for all your coaching around my interview, career, and self-confidence over the past couple of months. Now I know why I needed this experience. In the past after not getting the job I wanted I would sulk, and then there would be weirdness with me and the other person (I would feel disappointment). So… I was really sad when I got the news and had to snap out of it because I had a presentation two days later (thank you for your message – it was really really helpful).

I didn’t want to see my “friend” who works for the department that I interviewed with at the conference. I felt he betrayed me in the interview situation. But then I saw him and in the moment, I thought, I need to face him. And I did… And I approached him with self-confidence, not betrayal. He was visibly sad for me. I first thought, he is such a faker, then I thought, it’s ok if he is faking, then I thought he may not be faking… and so on. I get this idea that we get to believe anything, why not believe that he really is sad for me. I felt understood.

Today I reached out to the director and the person that interviewed with me by email and received a nice email. I am more self-confident then I ever imagined. I am learning to trust the future and enjoying the present.

I am taking action where I am able. I am thinking on purpose. This has just been an amazing journey. Thank you again.