intimacy with husband

Hi Brooke,

My husband has problems with intimacy from time to time. In the past when an episode occurred I found myself in the state of fear and shame. Yesterday it happened again. I didn’t go into my default heavy fear and shame right. I do feel uneasy about the situation, so I did a thought download and found the cause of my feelings! How can I think about it differently?
Unintentional thoughts:
He should try harder
He takes too many pills mindlessly
He should not be self conscious and just go with it
I have been short-handed (ta-da!)
Other people don’t deal with this sort of thing, I shouldn’t either

Intentional thoughts:
I love him unconditionally
Everything is happening exactly as it should
What is happening to his body is his – don’t really believe this one yet

How can I address the thought that I have been short-handed (other people don’t have these problems)? I love to do hard things? Laughing hysterically here:)

Thank you!