Intimate Relationships With My Husband


I have a problem with my husband around sex. Since we had our first baby 3 years ago, we only have intimate relationships twice a year when I ask for it. He always explains his behavior by saying we are tired, we have two babies. He has a lot of trouble thinking about making money for all the family.

I used to interpret that as he doesn’t love me anymore, I am not attractive, I am not desirable. This made me feel stressed, angry, upset and it led me to take some actions like talk about divorce, be aggressive, disconnect even more with him and avoid spending quality time with him.

As a result, our relationship became more and more “cold.”

I coached myself on relationships on the module relationship and noticed that he still loves me, I still love him
and I want to show up differently as a caring, loving, and connected wife.

I changed my way of looking at him and talking to him. I decided to experience feeling love every day for me and for him and I felt more peace. He noticed this change and we are more connected to each other.

But now I am stuck on the next move, to rebuild our relationship as lovers.

I can’t just keep asking for an intimate relationship because he refuses and I don’t want to be rejected one more time or oblige him to take action.

That’s where I need some coaching 🙂

Thank you very much and happy holidays!