Intimidated by friends

I would love some help to change my thinking so that I don’t feel so intimidated by others. I know it’s my thoughts about the other people that are causing these feelings…the thoughts just feel so true it’s hard to change them.

Tonight I had dinner with some friends from medical school. After I got home, I did a thought download because I was feeling kind of down and wanted to figure out why. The main thought that came out was that ‘they are better than me.’

Logically, I know this thought is ridiculous but these women are so confident and accomplished, it’s hard to not think that way. One of my friends is a successful surgeon, beautiful, athletic, a great cook, and can tackle any project. She recently built a retaining wall while ‘social distancing’ (I mean, really- who knows how to do that?)!

Logically I know that life is not a competition and there is no reason for me to feel inferior but for some reason, when I see how successful my friends are, it just highlights in my mind the areas where I feel I need to improve. Any suggestions?