Intolerance for Stupid

I feel frazzled. I can’t get my head around how many people buy into the story the government is telling us, despite the evidence to the contrary. Even when you shove statistics published on government websites that shows the opposite, they still don’t believe it. I made 1.5 models and I’m wondering if I could get a bit of help with finishing the model.

C – Many people believe what the government tells them.
T – I can’t believe how stupid they are.
F – Agitated (anxious, powerless, sad).
A – Paralyzed.
R – Stuck and not working on my dreams.

Intentional and believable:
C – Many people believe what the government tells them.
T – They have been duped.
F – Compassion. (Unless they are being aggressive about it, then it throws me into a different model right away)
A –
R –

Normally, I’d educate someone who I felt had been duped out of compassion to try help. But these people don’t want to hear it, and that throws me into another model again. I’m wondering if I need to find a different intentional model?
I would like the action to be just that, taking action towards helping those that want my help and working on my dreams. But I cannot see that happening from this C. Any suggestions?