Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Brooke!! I just taught my college class – we started Self-Motivation today. The textbook focuses on extrinsic motivation, so I always add in a lesson on why intrinsic motivation is more reliable. Today, I wove in how thoughts create feelings and feelings create their actions. I was able to take them inside their bodies & minds, and they ALL SAW how they generate stories that keep them from getting what they want.

They learned that all of it comes from within – and they physically could feel what “accomplishment”, “peace”, “happiness” feels like in their bodies. We explored how they can blow their own damn minds – and they were hanging on every single word today. These are at-risk college freshmen…and today, for the first time, many of them believed that they have control over their destiny via intrinsic motivation. They have been tasked with generating their own success this week. Thanks for helping me become a more effective teacher. Truly, thank you!