Introvert and that’s okay

Here is my model

C- I like time alone
T= I should be with others and doing group activities after work, I shouldn’t just come home and rest and do solitary things, I should attend classes and other events, I want to get everything on my schedule and do all the things
F- shame guilt
A- overschedule activities I don’t really want to do when the time comes
R- annoyed with myself, cancel things, feel conflicted and tired and cranky

C- I like time alone
T- It is totally fine to like time alone, it is normal and I need to reset my brain after work – I am a normal human, I work full time and need time to rest also
F- accepting, relaxed, self-loving, compassionate
A – schedule alone time after work to recharge my batteries. Schedule activities on my days off instead of work days.
R- self awareness, feeling happy and at peace with my decisions.

So I have conflict on wanting to be more social and involved in community vs need for rest.