Introvert Vs. Extrovert

I’ve joined SCS and my main focus was money. I joined in December and since then I have tripled my income cut my spending by a long shot and embraced minimalism. I’ve sold all this crap in my house and continue with the decluttering. (Mind and house)

I started a new job and it’s from home so I can work more instead of commuting 2 hours a day and be there for my children. No more child care $ or kids at home alone. They are at the age they can be home alone for short periods. Ages 9 and 12.

Here’s my question. I love people and thrive on the corporate world. I love it! The reason I chose to switch to this job is that I don’t like hiring babysitters and the pay I was making from my last job was what I was paying my babysitter. I’m not interested. My goal is to create a career that I can pay for child care and hire a rockstar of a babysitter and pay them well or I will just stay home. I chose to stay home and truly enjoy my new job. I just keep feeling lonely and isolated and I’m working on those thoughts. I know you are an introvert and enjoy time alone. I do as well but recharge with people. I’m finding the days I do a lot of video conferencing I have more energy. I’m wondering if I’m suffering my way to money… Because I would choose to go back into corporate world if I had a rockstar babysitter and made 100,000 a year.

Can I come to a place in my thought world where I recharge no matter the situation… People or no people??

I want to be free of only being happy if my external circumstances are just right. But I go into a thought loop of I have to change my personality so I’m happy alone… Wait for my children to grow up to be happy at work…. Or just go straight into finance coaching now(massive mind management/very scary!) It’s very peopley and my end goal is coaching in some way, shape, or form. I’m working with an accounting firm that I am launching a personal finance coaching model🎉😬!