Is being introverted a thought or a circumstance?

I’ve always considered myself a closet introvert – I enjoy social situations with people I know well and my job requires me to be “on” about half the time, but my energy is replenished when I’m alone (reading, listening, working, laundry, whatever). I’m at my best when I can take time to myself to think, process and rest.

My husband recently began a new job and he works from home. I work from home 50% of the time and work from my studio 50% of the time. Now that the children are home for the summer, he’s begun coming with me to the studio on the days that I work (it’s quieter there), so we are together nearly 100% of the time.

We’ve been blessed with three delightfully extroverted daughters. One wakes up bright and early and is ready for mom time! By the time she’s in bed at around 8, the other two have a long list of thoughts and ideas to share with me. This goes on until about 10, when they go to sleep. After that, my husband and I chat for about an hour before I go to bed.

Thanks to SCS, I’ve been able to manage my mind around this constant togetherness and it had been going okay. What I’m beginning to notice, however, is that I don’t feel replenished at the end of the day and it’s almost as if my reserves are depleting. Whereas I used to truly enjoy the time with my daughters, now I feel like I’m simply tolerating it and having to actively choose thoughts that leave me feeling open to conversation. I believe that this is because I was living my life (mostly) from a place of REST and now I’m not.

I feel really and truly mentally exhausted.

I’m currently getting through this with thoughts such as “four more weeks until they’re back to school” and “I am a badass and can be a great mom/wife even when I’m tired”. From a practical standpoint, I’m taking opportunities to grab a few moments to myself here and there (who knew we needed so many things from Target?).

What I’m curious about is whether this:

I am an introvert

is a Circumstance or a Thought?

What do you think?