I am looking for clarity on what intuition is.

As a coach I want to be able to recognize when people are sighting “intuition” as their reason for doing something.

We can do a model and recognize that it is actually a thought – but wouldn’t intuition be a precurser anyways?

Personally, I’ve become aware that in the past I was acting on intuition when really I was reacting to a feeling caused by a thought.

What is intuition?

I’m also exploring the idea that when we live with intention – creating goals, actions, feelings and thoughts that serve – that we are engaging with the law of attraction more clearly and may be more aware of and clear on the “how” of our path.

Again, I believe many of us call this intuition.

Brooke describes a feeling as caused by a thought and a sensation as coming from the psysiological system in the body.

Is intuition an aspect of that system?

People “know” things without reason or proof – I think that is a fair definition of intuition – but, how do we know it isnt a thought pretending to be important? That it is actually a “knowing, insight or preminition”?

Thank you.