Can you speak on intuition? I’m typically quite driven. I can set goals and accomplish them and have transformed many habits. I’ve lived from a place of purposefully choosing the opposite of the victim role (perhaps by controlling). This being said I’ve been wondering how to incorporate intuition. There is the idea that our emotions are valid data and that they inform us when something is up or off. There have been some times where Ive blazed past gut feelings or emotions that were informing me of a “red flag” because I was so headstrong and “in charge” of my thoughts. I didn’t listen to & respect my gut and heart and after an outcome realized I knew it all along but wouldn’t listen. Specifically, I can think of this in relationships or in business. I can be so positive/hopeful that I’ve missed the “writing on the wall” in terms of a persons deep true intention and values. How do we balance those subtle deep knowings with taking charge of our thoughts, feelings, emotions? Thank you!!