Intuition OR fear?

I am (slowly) building my coaching business. I have 6 clients right now. Getting clients is inconsistent. Still feels like a lot of work and mind drama and self coaching. This month I created 4 consultations – 2 cancelled and 2 were ‘nos’.
I still get quite disappointed when those things happen. Fearful at how long it’s going to take. Require consistent self-coaching to manage all the drama.
I’m still working on my consultations and getting coached each time to keep learning.

A couple of months ago I worked with an Instagram influencer – I coached her for free for 8 week and she went on her stories and rambled on about how great the coaching was.
It worked really well. I had a constant flow of consultations. That is the reason why I currently have 6 (signed 8 – 1 quit and 1 has finished).

When I finished up with her I wanted to prove to myself that I could “do it” without relying on an influencer. Since finishing with her I haven’t signed anyone new. I’m still taking a lot of action, getting coaching, and can still see a lot of progress…but not new clients. I had a goal of 3 more clients by the end of June. That didn’t happen.
M husband has suggested to sign up with another influencer to “take the pressure off”.
I can feel so much resistance to that. I even said to him I paid a PR company to hook me up with the initial one, I don’t know where I’d find another one (don’t want to pay again). But then my brain reminded me that the woman I was working with said her friend, who’s also an influencer, would be really interested.

The resistance feels like a general “now’s not a good time”. “it doesn’t feel right”….intuition??…fear?? (years of unhelpful conditioning of “right” ways of doing things)

On the otherhand, I have also been kind of feeling like I could be energetically holding myself back by telling myself things like – I don’t want to take on too much. Perfectionist tendencies. Later will be better. I’m having a baby in 3 months – I need to wind things down. I think there actually is a thought in there that I need to take things slowly.

I know that was just a bit of a ramble…but thoughts??