Intuitive Eating – How helpful is it? Is having a protocol too controlling?

I am a recovered binge eater, having used the tools from LCS successfully (especially having a protocol and allowing urges).
I am also in CCP and I want to help women who are binge eaters. I want to help them by using the weight loss tools I learnt in LCS (without weight loss as the main goal), and by loving and accepting themselves and their bodies, and learning to allow emotions.
I have been reading a lot on the subject of recovery from binge eating, mostly things by the LCS or LCS certified coaches like Martha Ayim, and it’s what I know and what makes sense.

But I have also come across “Intuitive Eating” – which, as I understand, is different, in the sense that the person makes in the moment choices about what to eat, depending on what their body feels like and what they think would be most satisfying and pleasurable.

This information has got me into a mind spin. I am doing really well with the protocol, having cut out sugar and flour (except for the very occasional joy eat, I just don’t derive that much pleasure from food now so I don’t even feel like a joy eat very often). I still get an occasional urge but I know how to allow it and I am no longer scared of it.

BUT – having read the literature on intuitive eating – I am now doubting whether having a protocol is ‘too controlling’ – as some experts say that if you binge eat the recovery should not be about strict control – I think the Intuitive Eating Experts would see a protocol as far too restrictive and controlling. I however actually find it freeing.

My question is really – what would LCS’s view or answer be to an Intuitive Eating Proponent be who said the protocol was an attempt at control and not advisable?