Investing In An Expensive Program

I had the opportunity to work in person with an amazing coach this summer. I want to continue to work with her, but the cost of her program is over $20k for 9 months. I know she’s worth every penny, and my intuition says go for it, but I feel sick thinking about the cost. I recently discovered an asset I have that would pay for it, but I feel guilty not investing that money into something for my family or using it for an emergency fund. My husband is just starting his business and money has been tight. I feel like I need a really good bridge thought or some compelling questions to ask myself to help uncover what I should do. Part of me fears telling my husband at all, not because he wants the money – we’ve already agreed that it’s mine- but that he’ll think I’m crazy for spending it on coaching. I could just not tell him, but that doesn’t feel good either. The what will people think of me is probably the hardest thought to overcome, even though I know rationally that people will judge me regardless. It just seems like a lot of money to pay for coaching. I feel like I could put that toward a degree or something more acceptable.