Investing time and money into mind

I loved the podcast on abundance assets and am really working to understand the full implications of the teaching. I understand that investing your time and money into your emotional management work (e.g., SCS) is a good investment. I also heard Brooke name skills/knowledge as something that comes from investing in your brain. For creatives or people who are wanting to move in a new direction in their lives, would you also consider it an excellent use of time and money to invest in creative pursuits that you are wanting to develop, even if you have no proof that you will ever be great at them? For example, one of the things I have procrastinated on for a long time is my desire to write a novel (I similarly procrastinate on other creative pursuits that I want to engage in). I have thought work and models to do on it, because my thoughts are along the lines of, it won’t lead to anything, it will take too long to figure it out, it will never make me money and I should be doing something else that will make me extra money . . . etc. I know I need to do models on this, but if Brooke is saying that investing time and money in developing my creative skills would be an excellent use of my time and money, even though I have no proof currently that I’ll become very good at them, then this would be very fascinating for me to hear. Is this a reasonable takeaway from that podcast?