Investment Decision

I need to make a decision about whether or not to make a financial investment in some property. Doing it would bring into a reality a dream I’ve had for myself for several years. I’ve done all the math and made pros/cons lists and I know I could make it work. On the other hand, this investment carries some risk and if things went bad, it would take me a while to recover from it. The “responsible” part of me says don’t do it, stay safe and don’t take the risk. But when I think about deciding not to do it, I’m really bummed out and think I might have missed the opportunity to something I have always wanted to do and this opportunity may not come again.

I can’t tell if this is my brain trying to keep me safe and “stay in the cave” or if it is legitimately warning me not to take a mis-step that will make me miserable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!