Irregular Heart And confidence

I recently had an episode of atrial fibrillation. This has happened twice in my life( before this recent one)-once 6 years ago and once 3 years ago. It was quite frightening (heavy palpitations and strange heart rythms).

I am noticing a lot of thoughts around uncertainty and As someone (a human being) who experiences anxiety a lot of my work so far has been around

No feeling is harmful
I am safe in my discomfort etc etc

Now I am noticing that I am struggling to believe these thoughts which has led me back into the no mans land of health anxiety

What if it is harmful
What if I am unwell etc Etc

Also, being the father of a 2 year old I notice that I am feeling less confident that it won’t occur when I’m with her-as a musician I am afraid that if it becomes More regular (which is common according to doctor) , how will I make plans to tour etc.

Basically a lot of what if’s. and weirdly my mind is saying

“This is a circumstance where Thought work doesn’t apply!”

I reckon it’s wrong.

Would appreciate you’re perspective,