Irritability and Fasting

I have been doing my protocol and intermittent fasting between 7pm and 12pm every day since September 1st. So far, I have lost 14 pounds and my goal is to lose 10 more by Thanksgiving. I’m super happy about it and haven’t found it all that hard to give up flour and sugar except for the convenience part of them (i.e. sandwiches for lunch, etc.)
The last couple of weeks, though, EVERYBODY has been getting on my nerves (including me!) I literally had to put myself in time out Thursday evening after work for about an hour so I didn’t say anything to anyone in my family that I would regret.
Is this normal? I did a model on it and I know I’m irritated because I don’t feel like people I’m dealing with understand me and what I’m saying, fast enough (takes lots of explanation of what I think should be a fairly simple conversation) and I don’t feel like my husband and I are on the same page about much. (We work together, so that’s an even bigger deal.) These are issues I can normally deal with by taking a deep breath and pushing through, but right now, 5 weeks into this food/lifestyle change, I am finding it increasingly difficult to be nice when faced with situations like that. Your thoughts?