Irritated with Husband

Hi coaches,
I have my unintentional Model worked out but don’t feel like I got much awareness from it. Hoping you can help me.

C – Husband says, “You act like I’m your enemy”
T – I can’t believe you are acting like this
F – Irritated
A – withdraw, judge, tell kids, “Ask your father; I don’t know,” don’t listen, eat cake, stew in frustration, ignore his bids to reconnect
R – I’m not acting in a mature way

I get into these funks where I just want to be angry. But I don’t want to be angry–it’s more like I am not ready to let it go or something. There’s no benefit for me in staying stuck, but I feel like a tantrum-ing toddler. I look at this Model and just want to go, “Ok so what? So we’re both immature.” Definitely not my best self.

I think, looking again, I’m not ready to let go of the overall story that he’s wrong.

Would love some coaching. Thank you!