Is brain jumping between buffering/false pleasure ideas a thing?

Around lunchtime today I had a particular moment that I sat down to download. I have been making a real effort to stick to my protocol over the past few days, which I did through lunch, but at lunchtime I noticed I was feeling exasperated with my family and got quite short-tempered and sulky. My hunch is that I’ve typically used food as a mood stabiliser — a quick dopamine hit that has kept me on an even keel — and without the sugar and carbs, my mood is swinging a bit.

After lunch, when I sat down to thought download, I realised my brain was offering me a whole series of either “buy me” or “eat me” now thoughts, like:
you should really check out some new shoes online
wouldn’t it be great to have a new car
you really should look for xyz for the house
let’s have a cocktail tonight

Given that these were all in rapid succession, I’m wondering if this is my brain’s way of trying to get a dopamine hit however it can? Or should I think of these thoughts as being separate from the circumstance of newly lowered access to sugar/carbs?