Is Emotion Always Present?

Challenging topic this month! (But I guess that’s why we’re working on it 🙂
Is it the case that there’s always an emotion present? When I ask myself “what am I feeling” throughout the day (so as to be able to report tomorrow on today’s predominant feeling), I often come out short – I can generally tell between negative and positive, and easy ones are easy to catch – annoyed, afraid, procrastinating, excited, grateful. But much of the time I find myself in a kind of neutral – it’s not good but also not bad, nothing particularly sticks out… I’m just kind of… on auto pilot? Or, alternately, doing ok but not really feeling much. Does this mean that I’m having a hard time accessing my feelings, or is it the case that we sometimes are just in neutral? Is “neutral” an emotion? Thanks for helping me unravel the emotional mystery. 🙂