Is Evidence Proof I Believe Something

LCS talks about “if you believed something fully you would have the result.” And a good indicator to find if you believe is to check – if you don’t have the ‘thing’ you want you don’t fully believe. So I see it as there is your work. You need to work on the belief more. Not necessarily the A line but the T line.

A good example is Brooke and her $100m goal. Does it mean she doesn’t fully believe right now therefore she doesn’t have the $100m now?
If she had a $100m today would that mean she fully believes?
Model would be:
C – $100m goal by 12-31-2028
T – I believe it 100%
F – Certain
A – take all the massive actions
R – I prove my belief to be true – I have $100m

So until the day she has evidence, the model assumes she doesn’t fully believe in the goal. I guess this is my question. Do I have to see evidence of something before I know I fully believe it?