Is failure a thought or a feeling or can it be both?

I came to SCS in February to work on stopping overeating and losing weight. I am noticing that there is a model that looks like this:

C: SCS: Stop Overeating Program
T: I didn’t “do it” as I intended to over the last 11 months
F: Failure
A: Never really committing to taking action to stop over eating / losing weight
R: No real changes in that area of my life

I am finding myself getting stuck in “feeling failure” because I appreciate that failure is a thought. I can decide if this has been a failure or not based on my thoughts around this program. AND I can feel that I do not want to sit with, and feel, failure. Because if I have to sit here and feel it, then that means that it’s true.

I know that there’s something here for sure. There are many areas in my life where I have not wanted to admit failure or looking as though I’ve failed. Want to “save face”. So, do I have to feel the failure or is there something else here?