Is feeling lack or scarcity an indulgent emotion?

Help- I’m really struggling with money stuff this month! I’m working through the money program and I’m using this month’s exercises to tackle my money mindset and buffering with overspending. Going through the thought downloads and models, lack and scarcity frequently come up. My question is: are these emotions considered indulgent or are they negative emotions that should be allowed?

In some cases I can make the argument for feeling/allowing the lack, going through it and coming out the other side realizing I already have everything I need. But in other cases- particularly with overspending, when the thought is “I need this!”, almost like a junkie with drugs- I feel like that could be an indulgent emotion that keeps me in the overspending loop.

I also did all the pages of past, present, future beliefs around money and came up with about 7 pages full of negative thoughts- yikes! Looking at those pages, it’s overwhelming thinking about doing models on all of them (which I know is an indulgent emotion. Which I also know frequently leads to me just throwing in the towel. 😝) Any advice on how to tackle all those beliefs in a way that feels doable? I started by deciding not to be overwhelmed summarizing the main themes- which you suggested- and doing models on those. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but feels good to take some action.