Is it a boundary or an anxiety feeling ?

Hi! I am struggling to find a new thought for this following model:

C : My father in law wants to get introduced to my daughter’s nanny so he can pick her up at the evening if I can’t come on time
T : I never decided that. He keeps insisting even if I tell him that I can handle alone. I am feeling that he is intruding on my privacy
E : Anxious
A : I keep thinking about that and wondering why he keeps on insisting. I am making scenarios that he wants to pick up my daughter and try to model her education the way he would like to
R : I am getting anxious and maybe ridiculous also

Do you have any guideline for the intentional thought ?

I am willing to have the control of who picks up my daughter and often she will spend time with other people until she can speak and tell me what she wants to do. I don’t know if this is a boundary or just an anxiety feeling to overcome.