Is it a boundary?

Hi Brooke
I’ve recently had a new baby and unfortunately my husband continued drinking while caring for her. This was not ok with me so I have engaged family to help and he has been staying elsewhere and only visiting during the day over the last week. It is his decision to not stay with us as he says he is uncomfortable around my family now they know he was drinking.
We are trying to reconcile and try a few nights together again – he has said he’s ok with my request of no alcohol in the house while we care for her but I have my concerns that he struggles to control this. I know you can’t change people but if he’s agreed I feel I should trust him. Obviously with a newborn I don’t want to flirt with any risks, but I am thinking to set a firm boundary with him that ‘If you drink, I will call my family for help.’ I really do want to reconcile but wanted to check I’m on the right track with my thinking and next steps.
Thanks so much and Merry Xmas x