Is it ok to be mediocre?

In almost everything that I do that involves “putting myself out there”, I want to be the best. These instances range from presenting at a meeting, dancing in a fitness class, and even showing up at a party.

If I don’t get positive feedback or receive compliments, I feel dejected. The fact is, I rarely get positive feedback verbally directly to me. I am trying to be ok with the fact that it is ok to just show up. Even if I put my best and strongest effort forward, I have to learn that the positive feedback and compliments are not always necessary. For some reason, I struggle to be “seen” and to be “at the center of attention” and the one that people remember. I don’t know what this stems from, and nonetheless I need to learn to be ok with just being present.

How can I be ok with being mediocre (not meant in a negative connotation), and to be ok if I am not the best or most memorable?