Is it okay to not have a true "goal"?

I’m new to this program and want to improve on my habit of self-soothing with food, alcohol, marijuana, shopping, etc. Ultimately, I’d like to lose some weight, stop procrastinating, manage my emotions and feelings better in general so that I don’t always default to numbing out. I know that it is up to me to decide what my goal is, but my question is – is it okay to just spend a span of time doing daily thought downloads and working the model without the focus being on losing weight? Is it counterproductive to use an urge jar and make the goal to start resisting urges, without the goal being “resist all urges and stick 100% to the protocol”? Said differently – if I just start working the downloads/modeling and start resisting some urges, will I naturally feel fewer urges over the course of time? Or will I only get benefit if I am setting an eating protocol and sticking to it 100%?