Is mindlessness ever useful emotion?

Hi Brooke! I did a tedious powerful worksheet on a recent joy eat (took me 40 mins to eat a handful of jellybeans!! And it was a very useful experience but also a major bummer because, guess what? It’s not the jelly beans that I love, it’s the mindlessness of eating them. I tend to go for things like this when I’m mentally exhausted after work.

I know I can change all my emotions and thoughts but just wanted some advice on where to go: Should I be trying to stay mindful all the time, even if that takes enough effort that I don’t feel relaxed? Or should I find another way to relax mindlessly? Any suggestions?

I don’t feel a compulsion towards the eating, just towards anything that is relaxing. So should I be trying to fight this urge or just replace it with something more neutral like a small amount of TV or playing games on my phone or something? Thank you!