Is Monday Hour One Always the Answer?

I am struggling to make MHO effective. I want to believe it works. I know others have gotten positive results from implementing it. I just find myself believing that it possibly doesn’t work in my situation. Along with my own scheduling of certification classes and working real estate, I am a full-time caregiver of my dementia ridden grandmother. My struggles come from the “on the fly” scheduling I deal with throughout the week involving nurse visits, physical therapy, home aides, etc. Though I have a layout of my personal week in advance, I am often faced with squeezing in her appointments with only day-before or day-of notice resulting in days that I thought were lighter becoming congested, with things overlapping, more than I could have expected.

A good example of this is that I scheduled a 20-minute coaching call for Friday at 1:10, was scheduled for COVID testing for myself and my grandmother 20 minutes away at 12:30 which I only found out about Thurs (the day before) at 2 pm by a doctor’s appointment that I was told to schedule Weds afternoon (the day before). Only having found out about the COVID testing time at 2 pm it was less than 24 hours resulting in me being unable to reschedule my coaching call, and finding myself driving much more aggressively to get back in time. That same doctor’s appointment overlapped with the nurse visit because the doctor’s computer system was down that morning during our original scheduled appointment and was pushed to the afternoon just after the nurse visit was scheduled (which she was running late for). That doctor’s appointment was having such technical difficulties in its original slot that it caused us to postpone the physical therapy session, before pushing it to the afternoon anyway.

All of that aside MHO also seems to be more in line with someone working a standard M-F job having the weekends off, whereas in real estate the weekends are primary workdays.

Boiled down.. the question is am I beating myself in the face trying to make MHO work for me, when it may just not be effective in my case? I feel much like a losing gambler trying to convince myself to stick with it, when it may be more beneficial to just accept that it doesn’t work and make do with what I have. The thought is that in my attempts to make it work it only seems to be adding to a workload that results in the same chaos minus the time I spent with MHO trying to make it work.

How can I make it work without my “Monday” hour one, turning then into “Tuesday” hour one, “Wednesday” hour one (and so one) all week as my schedule keeps shifting?

Thank you in advance. I appreciate all that you do.