Is my body broken?

Is my body broken?
I have been an athlete as a hobby and a profession all my life
I love to do a daily spin class, weights
Extreme yoga, and golf

I have since broke my back 2ce and tore my labrum in both hips, I have subchondral cysts inside of my hip sockets and arthritis and spinal stenosis.
I have exercised 3 hours a day and it’s what I love and sort of my hobby my career and my dopamine and my way of controlling my weight (ps this doesn’t work well)

So I’m having maybe an injury flare up. I’m really hard time walking right now I’m in a lot of pain.

The doctor said bursitis in addition to all the other things found on the MRI.

I feel like I have to fix this.

I can’t live with pain and disability. I can’t be me, do the things I love or be who I am.

Also I’m divorced how can I find a great man of the caliber I want when I can hardly walk at times.

I have been panicking, then I say no this will pass or I can have a surgery

I get out of pain then I say to myself I’m healed yay!!

I work out again maybe too extremely or too much and I’m in a cycle of injury and pain and freaking out then trying to talk myself down.

Can you help me with what to do about this?