Is my “C” neutral?

I have bone-on-bone knee issues, which I actively manage. Last Sunday I went to a Zumba certification in order to teach those who have joint issues (thank you Dare month!) the certifation was all day, so I danced more than I should. Result is excruciating knee pain all week. I want to start working on class choreo, but pain has been tough. Anyway I did a model, then wondered if my C was neutral.
C- severe knee pain
T – I can’t practice today because I am in so much pain
F- despair, frustration
A- sit around, ice, wallow
R – I don’t pursue my goal

C- “acute”? Knee pain
T- I live with pain but it does not stop my ability to function
F – awareness, grateful for what I can do
A- practice at least 15 min then ice/rest
R – pursue dreams with knee pain

Something feels off on my models. Any advice would be appreciated- Rebecca