Is my drink plan too liberal?

This is my third month and only recently after listening to calls all day(I drive a lot in my job) I think I’m getting it. I was drinking a bottle ( or more) every night. It made my feel better to hear that you and others did also, admitted it, and are now free of the urge. I started a drink plan last week 3 drinks per night. I have stayed with it all but one night. I am also taking naltrexone, which I had been prescribed before but was not taking it correctly. Anyway, 3 drinks per night seems like a lot to me, but for now is doable, with still urges for more some nights, mostly unanswered. When should I try to move to 2? I am trying not to do too much at once, and don’t want to push my luck since I’ve done pretty well with 3 for a week. I am almost 60 and have been a pretty heavy (functioning) drinker for many many years. I am also trying to lose 20 lbs by August. No sugar or flour is hard but I am also practicing allowing those urges.